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My passion for teaching & training brought about a Surgeons to Surgeons (S2S) observer ship programe on “Advanced Complex Laparoscopic Gynaecology Procedures” with Stryker Endoscopy on 29th & 30th June, 2023. We showcased the use of ICG for ureteric safety and demonstration of ICG in SLN (sentinel node sampling). Many complex cases demonstrated, TLH with SLN mapping, Gr. IV extensive endometriosis / Severe DIE, Post hysterectomy ovarian cysts, Large size myoma, Pelvic floor repair, Bilateral dermoid cyst and demonstrating enhanced ureteric safety with use of ICG. Attendees all across the country greatly benefitted from this course.

Glimpse from the past batches

Best wishes for a brilliant future, Dr. Sakshi, Dr. Prassana, and Dr. Vasundhara, our esteemed outgoing Endoscopy Fellows. It has been an enriching experience engaging in teaching, training, idea exchange, and exploring the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life together. I am confident in your remarkable talents and urge you to serve your patients with heartfelt compassion while fervently pursuing Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS).

In my role as an experienced laparoscopic gynecology surgeon, my dedication lies in pushing the frontiers of innovation within our field. I propose that we persist in our collaboration, sharing experiences, techniques, and insights to collectively elevate our expertise. By fostering open communication and a commitment to ongoing learning, we have the potential to improve patient outcomes and propel the progress of laparoscopic gynecological surgery. Let us embark together on the journey of discovering new horizons, honing our skills, and nurturing a community of excellence. Through this unified effort, we can empower ourselves to deliver the highest standard of care for our patients.

Welcome to the vibrant realm of advanced gynecology laparoscopic surgery! As trailblazers in minimally invasive techniques, our expedition revolves around precision and groundbreaking innovation. Embrace the mastery of laparoscopy, refining skills in intricate procedures such as hysterectomies and myomectomies. Skillfully navigate the complexities of endometriosis excision and ovarian cystectomy with finesse and expertise. Delve deep into the subtleties of patient care, mastering effective communication and fostering empathy. Cultivate a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, seamlessly working alongside fellow specialists. Remain updated with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring proficiency in the latest advancements. Let's collectively elevate the standards of gynecological care, empowering women with optimal outcomes. Embrace the challenges, absorb the wealth of knowledge, and together, let our combined expertise redefine the pinnacle of excellence in laparoscopic gynecological surgery.

Types of courses

Basic Course in endoscopy - 7days
Advanced course in endoscopy - 14 days
Fellowship Course in endoscopy - 6 months/ 1 year

6 months/1 year fellowship recognized by ICOG. If you are a member of FOGSI you can join 6 months fellowship course. Please send your detailed biodata to us, On our acceptance you can proceed as per ICOG guideline.


Ultrasonography Training
Recognized at national level by FOGSI
7 days course
Able to watch about 30 cases/day
Obstetrical sonography (Level III scans)
Transvaginal sonography especially for Infertile patients.
Color Doppler ultrasound for Obs. & Gynae patients.

Infertility Training
Basic Course in Infertility - 7 days
Advance course in Infertility - 14 days

Training + Earn while you learn get stipend & Accommodation.

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