Limb Lengthening

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Limb Lengthening Surgery

When a bone breaks, it naturally regenerates to fix the fracture. Lengthening works by separating the bone and distracting (pulling apart) the bone segments very slowly so that new bone continues to form in the gap. As the bone segments are slowly distracted, the bone regenerates, resulting in increased length.

External fixators are devices that attach to the bone through wires and pins. The external fixator looks and acts like a scaffolding, supporting the separated bone. The fixator mechanically lengthens the limb by pulling the segments of bone apart.

Surgery & Recovery

During the lengthening surgery, an osteotomy is performed. An osteotomy is a surgical cut of the bone. Once the bone is separated, the fixator is applied. After surgery, most patients stay in the hospital for two to three days and inpatient rehabilitation begins the day after surgery. This includes teaching the patient to get out of bed, move their joints, use a walker or crutches, transfer to the chair and toilet, and use stairs.

This includes teaching the patient to get out of bed, move their joints, use a walker or crutches, transfer to the chair and toilet, and use stairs. It is necessary to wait a few days before lengthening so that the callus (new bone) can form at the break site.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Mukesh Jain is considered one of the best Limb Lengthening surgeons in India with more than 30 years of experience and has done several thousand of these surgeries successfully. There are two types of external fixators: monolateral (e.g. the Modular Rail System) and circular (e.g. Ilizarov device and Taylor Spatial Frame).

Cost and Facilitation

Osteotomy followed by limb lengthening can be used to treat highly complex limb deformities. Dr. Paley uses the Taylor spatial frame (TSF), a specialized external fixator that uses a computer program to gradually correct limb deformities in a three-dimensional space. In addition to lengthening the bone, the TSF can also gradually straighten the bone as well. The cost of Surgery is USD 4000.

This package includes all the hospitalization expenses, pre-surgery consultations, and investigations, post-surgery physiotherapy for 10 days. The package also includes Delhi airport pickup and transfer to Muzaffarnagar by our representative and also drops at the airport in a luxury car at the time of departure.

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