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Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is uncommon cancer that begins in a bone. Bone cancer can begin in any bone in the body, but it most commonly affects the long bones of the arms and legs. Several types of bone cancer exist. Some types of bone cancer occur primarily in children, while others affect mostly adults. Apart from primary bone cancers, there are cases of secondaries that develop in bones. That is the condition where cancer from some other part of the body has metastasized in one of the bones, generally long bone.

Types Of Bone Cancer

There are several types of bone tumors. They are named according to the area of bone or tissue where they start and the type of cells they contain. Some bone tumors are benign (not cancer), and some are malignant (cancer). Bone cancer is also called sarcoma. The most common types of bone cancers are:

Osteosarcoma - It occurs most often in children and adolescents, and it accounts for about one-fourth of bone cancer in adults. More males than females get this cancer. It begins in bone cells, usually in the pelvis, arms, or legs, especially in the area around the knee.

Treatment Options In India For Bone Cancer

If you are diagnosed with bone cancer, doctors will discuss the best options for the treatment of bone cancer.
The line of treatment followed by the hospitals and doctors in India depends on several factors, including the type and stage of cancer and your general health. At Vardhman Hospital Muzaffarnagar your treatment for bone cancer will be customized to your particular needs and the type of bone cancer diagnosed.

There are several different types of surgeries that may be performed by the orthopedic cancer surgeons at Vardhman Hospital, depending on the location and extent of bone cancer.

Limb-salvage surgery: With this technique surgeons in India remove the bone cancer and some surrounding healthy tissue, but leave enough bone to save the arm or leg. Space, where the bone has been removed, is then filled with a bone graft or an end prosthesis.

This type of bone cancer surgery is used to save the limb in approximately 90 percent of cases. In India, doctors encourage patients to participate in rehabilitation programs as it is very important in order to maintain the use of the arm or leg after surgery.

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It is a cancer of cartilage cells. More than 40% of adult bone cancer is chondrosarcoma, making it the most prevalent bone cancer in adults. The average age of diagnosis is 51, and 70% of cases are in patients over 40. Chondrosarcoma tends to be diagnosed at an early stage and often is low grade. Many chondrosarcoma tumors are benign (not cancer). Tumors can develop anywhere in the body where there is cartilage, especially the pelvis, leg, or arm.

Ewing's sarcoma - It is the second most prevalent type of bone cancer in children and adolescents, and the third most often found in adults. It accounts for about 8% of bone cancers in adults. Ewing's sarcoma can start in bones, tissues, or organs, especially the pelvis, chest wall, legs, or arms.

Symptoms Of Bone Cancer
Pain, Swelling, or tenderness in or near a joint
Difficulty with normal movement, Fatigue
Fever, Weight loss, Anemia, Fractures

Treatment Options In India For Bone Cancer

Amputation: This surgery removes all or part of the leg or arm in which the tumor is located.After surgery, the patient has the option of getting artificial prosthesis. While amputation used to be the main way to treat bone cancers, advances in surgical techniques in India have increased the ability to save the affected limb, and now this type of bone cancer surgery is usually reserved for cases when the essential nerves, arteries, or muscles have been affected by the tumor and must be removed.

Surgery for bone cancers in other areas: When bone cancer occurs in areas other than an arm or leg, the orthopedic cancer surgeon at Vardhman Hospital Muzaffarnagar may use a variety of techniques to remove the tumor and fill in space. Curettage, a procedure in which the surgeon scrapes out the cancer cells but does not remove an entire section of bone may be used for tumors in some locations, such as the skull or spine. After this type of surgery for bone cancer, liquid nitrogen may be used to kill any remaining tumor cells. Bone grafts or bone cement may be used to fill the hole in the bone.

Reconstructive surgery: Surgeons in India use advanced techniques to reshape or rebuild the part of the body changed by previous surgery for bone cancer treatment.

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