Workshop held/Conference Organized

  • Delivered over 250 lectures and conducted live surgery Workshops in National & International Confrences.
  • Organized, “NATIONAL UPDATE-1998 OF IAHR – CONGRESS & LIVE WORKSHOP ON INFERTILITY ENDOSCOPY & COLOUR DOPPLER “, on 11th & 12th ‘ April 1998, at Vardhman Infertility And Endoscopy Centre, Muzaffar Nagar.
  • Organized, “PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT OF INFERTILITY & WORKSHOP ON IUI “, on 24th ‘ April 1999, at Vardhman Infertility And Endoscopy Centre, Muzaffar Nagar.
  • Organized, ” National IAHR 2000″ Congress and Live Surgery Workshop on Endoscopy Surgery, Infertility & Color Doppler Ultrasound, On 22, 23 April 2000 at Vardhman Infertility & Endoscopy Centre .
  • Organized “WORKSHOP ON COLOR DOPPLER ULTRASOUND” on 4th November 2001 At Vardhman Infertility And Endoscopy Centre, Muzaffarnagar.
  • Organized “ENDOSCOPY”:2002 LIVE ENDOSCOPY WORKSHOP” on 28 April 2002 highlights on suture lab and pelvic floor repair surgeries.
  • Organized “EMERGING TRENDS IN ENDOSCOPY (Intractive Live Surgery Workshop on Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy)” on Sunday 19 Feb. 2006.

Delivered over 100 lectures in various national conferences held in various parts of the country.

Conducted live surgery Workshops and performed Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries in workshops held all over the country.

Actively participated in Infertility Workshops and Conferences as guest speaker, chair person and organizing faculty.

Delivered guest lecture in Ultrasonography conference mainly highlighting the role of Transvaginal Sonography in infertility management, modern management of Ectopic Pregnancy special focus on role of Endosonography on optimizing results of Endoscopic surgery. Delivered lectures at IFUMB national conferences.

Presented a Paper on “LAVH” at 13th National Meet of Indian Society Of Perinatology & Reproductive Biology (ISOPARB) at Delhi in February’ 97 and this Paper was awarded Vidya Bhasin Award for Best Paper Presentation .

Participated in the panel discussion on Endoscopic Surgery, in 41st AICOG annual conference , held at Silligurhi, 27th to 30th December, 1997 and was awarded C.L.Jhaveri award for best paper presentation on SONOSALPINGOGRAPHY.