The Past

In the past 30 years Vardhman hospital has performed approximately half a lac successful Surgeries with excellent outcomes. Starting with a small office the hospital has gradually and steadily grown into a small industry. Expansion has never stopped till date and changes happen with the season.

Starting with basic trauma management 30 years ago, we have undergone a sea of change and are consistent with the latest global management standards.

At present all complex revision trauma cases, joint replacement surgeries and other complicated cases are managed routinely. Adapting the changes and advancements that happen across the globe has been the key to the success of this institute

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology department also started with basic antenatal and perinatal care with giving birth to several children who are successful people in their fields now and have returned for their own pregnancy thus completing the cycle of a lifetime. Over the years we moved on to more skilled fields of infertility and endoscopic surgeries in which we have had excellent results and reached national fame. Presently we are dealing with all pregnancy related issues along with total infertility evaluation and management through various keyhole surgeries and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has been the latest addition to our armamentarium.