Accident and Fracture Management

24 hour emergency services are available at Vardhman Hospital which is equipped with a casualty and round the clock attended by doctors. The hospital also has ambulance facility for untoward accidents. The team at Vardhman Hospital approaches the accident victims in a holistic manner and make them comfortable apart from making the patient medically stable.

Neglected Trauma

Old untreated cases management is a speciality at Vardhman Hospital.  Patients who have skipped surgery for various reasons earlier and end up with severe deformities are treated with ease here. Revision surgeries are performed routinely and the doctors here are experts in dealing with complicated cases.

Total Knee Replacement – Computer Assisted

TKR is one of the modern surgeries which gives very fruitful results. People suffering for years together can be relieved very quickly and effectively with this surgery. The worn out knee joint is replaced with a metal joint which effectively allows the patient to stay mobile.

At Vardhman Hospital we use a Computer assisted machine which allows accurate knee replacement surgery. It is also popularly known as Computer Navigation surgery. Our hospital is equipped with Laminar Air Flow operation theatres which keeps the incidence of infection much low and match global standards. Advanced  anaesthetic techniques enable us to offer knee replacement to the elderly patients with coexisting multiple medical diseases.

We use imported equipment and implants that exceed all international standards. This vastly improves the life of the joint. Considering the demands of the patients and hoping for a faster recovery, patients are encouraged to walk the next day and climbing staircase by the 5th day and are discharged soon.

Total Hip Replacement

The key to a successful replacement surgery is matching the metal implant to replace the patient’s joint. Patients who suffer from arthritis of the hip can be given a trouble and pain free life with a THR surgery. The ball and the socket of the hip joint are both replaced with metal surfaces which act as the new hip joint.

 We use our immense experience in replacement surgery to evaluate the patient’s needs and fulfil them through a variety of implants available. Our ultimate aim is to give our patients the joints that will last a lifetime

Revision Replacement Surgeries

Completion of the life or a failure of a Total Knee or Hip Replacement surgery due to implant failure or polyethylene wear and loosening can be revised by special implants.  Patients with replacement surgeries who have accidents and periprosthetic fractures, can also be treated with special implants.

Childhood Abnormalities Management

Leg Length Differences

Birth Defects (Congenital Deformities)

Foot deformities

Post Traumatic Bone Deformities

Bone Loss from Tumour, Trauma or Infection

Bone Infections (Ostoemyelitis)

Illizarov Surgery

Leg length differences (LLD) results from congenital, developmental, post traumatic or post-surgical causes Treatment goals are correction of LLD with associated deformity while preserving the function of muscles and joints.

Arthroscopic Procedures

Key hole surgeries are performed at Vardhman Hospital. They are popularly done for the knee and the shoulder joint. Sports and lifestyle injuries mainly affect the ligaments of joints and spare the bones.  These surgeries are done by repair or reconstruction of ligaments through endoscopic techniques after visualising the joint on the computer screen through a camera.

These surgeries are very rewarding and also very little hospitalisation is needed and the patient goes home early. Results are good with patients getting back to their work in a short span of time

Spinal Surgeries

Vardhman Hospital provides the most advanced diagnostic facilities for management of spine cases. Treatments for patients with spinal disorders and injuries as well as rehabilitative procedures are combined to offer the entire spectrum of care for the patient. The hospital caters to all spine related ailments across all age groups.

Some of the most common problems that we treat include:

  • Disc herniation
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolysthesis
  • Trauma of the spine
  • Degenerative disc conditions, including osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis

Arthritis and Rheumatology

Management of Arthritis is a necessity  of orthopaedics and at   Vardhman  Hospital, we provide a diagnostic as well as therapeutic approach to such ailments. In such illnesses, movements of Joints are restricted and painful. After  a certain stage, pain killers, injections and other forms of non operative management  may not be adequate. At such a stage, there is need for replacement.

Arthritis of the knees is extremely common in India. Replacement of painful and arthritic knees is a routine procedure at our Hospital.  At Vardhman Hospital we use Computer Navigation Assistance for such skilled surgeries which gives the best results.

Our team of excellentdoctors, nurses, and therapists provide the patients with personal care and attention for a better and faster recovery.

Emergency Services

Fully realizing that the effectiveness of trauma care lies in utilising every second. The emergency handling at our hospital is designed to avoid wastage of time. International protocols are followed here. Ambulance services are available round the clock. The moment an accident or trauma patient arrives, he is rushed to the casualty for immediate attention.

Once the patient is stabilized, he is taken up for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the degree of injury sustained, the patient is managed without any loss of time.