Vardhman Hospital provides beautifully designed rooms in the same campus as the operation theatres. All rooms are air conditioned with attached washrooms. The rooms are clean, spacious and comforting. They are equipped  with gas lines and alarms for medical emergencies. The rooms are located near to nursing stations manned by trained personel throughout the day. One relative can accompany the patient in the room and a comfortable couch is provided. Clean hygienic food is delivered to the room from the hospital canteen.


A 24 hours Indian Bank ATM is present adjacent to Vardhman Hospital for the comfort of the patients. They need not keep cash with them and can very easily approach the ATM as and when need arises.


Vardhman Hospital houses a stupendous auditorium in the basement of the hospital. The luxurious hall can seat 200 persons comfortably. The hall is installed with all the audio visual equipment. A projector, computer and mic and speaker facility enables routine seminars here. It is an air conditioned hall and is surrounded by a spacious corridor on the sides to serve as service stations.



Vardhman Hospital provides clean hygienic food in the cafeteria named Mahananda. It is an air conditioned canteen open during the day. It supplies snacks throughout the day and meals during dining hours. They also supply food to the patients in the rooms directly.




The single most important area of an operation area complex is the CSSD. Propagation of safe surgical practises and limiting infection has always been a priority at Vardhman Hospital. Sterilisation of instruments is performed in our CSSD plant and equipment for surgeries are autoclaved here. The CSSD plant is of international standards and cleared quality regulations.



The corridors of Vardhman Hospital are beautifully designed. This is intentionally done as these are the areas where patient is trained in walking in the immediate post operative period. Railings are appointed for ease of walking and the floors resist slipping. The patients are encouraged to spend as much time outside the room to speed up their recovery.



Guest House

Vardhman Hospital provides accommodation for guests coming from far off places. They are also used by trainees and relatives of patients. These are well appointed air conditioned room situated within some distance from the hospital.



Vardhman Hospital provides well equipped and well maintained bacteria free environment essential for speedy recovery of patients. Experienced intensivists provide round the clock monitoring of the patient’s condition and response to on-going treatment. The ICU has been designed specifically to the needs of Orthopaedic patients. It is furnished with central oxygen supply, central suction unit, modern ventilators & monitoring equipment.


IT Department

Vardhman hospital is technologically equipped and constantly improving with the advancements that take place. The IT department is responsible for all the publications that have seen the light of day and for the successful conferences held. Patient communication through the internet is a boost for distant patients. The accounts department is also slowly merging with it and should be done in the near future.


Lab and drug store

As a policy, Vardhman Hospital and the doctors here do not patent any particular laboratory or medical store. Patients are free to choose as per their convenience. The patient and relatives are informed and guided about the adjacent drug houses and labs and are they then have their freedom. This assures the patient of the quality of their purchase.


The third floor of the hospital building houses an informative library and is also equipped with internet facility. Varied journals and textbooks are present here and others can be accessed online



The OPD at Vardhman Hospital is a busy station during the day. They are air conditioned and spacious with good sitting arrangements. Television and magazines are available to utilise the waiting period.


Operating Rooms

The best aspect of the Operating Theatres of Vardhman Hospital is technology and planning. The theatres are designed such to offer an infection free zone to the patient. It has also been ensured that the Operation Theatres offer maximum ease to the operating team to give their best to the patients.

  • Vertical Laminar air-conditioning.
  • Digital cooling to the desired degree of temperature.
  • Auto-regulation of humidity and pressure.
  • Jointless modular operating room.
  • Suspension of surgical equipments to facilitate handling and avoid bacterial accumulation.
  • Electronically operated theatre bed.
  • Datex Ohmeda Anaesthesia Systems.
  • Anaesthesia Systems with ventilators, which are the safest and the most sophisticated equipments in the world add to the efficacy of the infrastructure. These machines regulate the supply of gases; monitor the heart rate and other vital body parameters.
  • Fully equipped operation theatre complex conforming to latest international standards.





Being situated in the heart of the city parking woes have to be fought with. The hospital provides a specially allocated 20 car parking for the patients. Pick up and drop facilities for patients are available on a stretcher.    

Power Back-Up

Electricity fluctuations and power cuts are handled easily by the mammoth horsepower generated by our power station which houses 4 large generators and a few smaller ones with plenty of invertors applied at important areas.    


Over the past 30 years, a Jain temple is present in the heart of Vardhman Hospital. Patients and relatives of every religion are heartily welcome here and the divine power definitely helps in a speedy recovery.